CNN Calls Debt Ceiling Talks a ‘Philosophical’ and ‘Irrational Fight’

Cassandra DeVries | May 25, 2023
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Politicians continued to negotiate the debt ceiling on Wednesday and Thursday but still have not reached a consensus. CNN This Morning anchors and correspondents believed the discussion surrounding the debt ceiling was unnecessary and destabilized the world economy and called Republicans’ efforts to curb America’s spending an “irrational fight.”

“Why shoot ourselves in the foot and lose something that is so critical?” anchor Poppy Harlow asked CNN’s chief business correspondent Christine Romans.

“I mean, from the outside looking in, if you're talking about a spending philosophical fight among parties over the debt ceiling. I mean, the rest of the world thinks we're absolutely utterly insane,” Romans responded. “[A]nd it's an irrational fight to have. I mean, America's borrowing power is her superpower.”