Cleanup On Aisle Biden: Univision Covers For Scathing Senate Report

MRC Latino | September 24, 2020
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CAROLINA SARASSA, UNIVISION: The document by Senators Ron Johnson, chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, and Charles Grassley, head of the Finance Committee, stated that Hunter Biden traded on his father's name in order to close lucrative deals all over the world, and that his work for Burisma Holdings, an energy firm with the appearance of corruption, seemed to have a conflict of interest because Joe Biden was, at that time, the Vice President of the United States- a fact that alarmed the State Department. However, the nearly 90-page report shows no evidence that the Vice President at that time (Biden) unduly intervened in U.S.-Ukraine policy, or that there had been any appearance of corruption.

Upon explosion of this scandal, at that time President Trump, also without evidence, accused the Bidens of alleged corrupt behavior, while at the same time pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate them. In an ABC News interview late last year, Hunter Biden said that he committed no ethical transgressions while working with foreign firms. He did, although, acknowledge having committed an error of judgment by remaining on the firm and creating 

space for allegations by his father's enemies. The truth is that the report, to many, is a rehash of unproven allegations against the Bidens, with the election a scant few weeks away. The Democratic senators filed their own report on the matter, in which they accused Republicans of

cherry-picking information in order to cause political damage to Joe Biden.

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