Citing ‘Legitimacy of the Court,’ MSNBC Panelist Hopes John Roberts Rides to ObamaCare Rescue Yet Again

connor.williams | July 22, 2014
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In the aftermath of a DC circuit court ruling today that would effectively end ObamaCare as we know it in the 36 states with federal exchanges, MSNBC feared the worst, and attempted to rally the troops, so to speak. MSNBC’s Joy Reid played the part, bringing on two guests who rejected the notion that this ruling would be accepted by the full appeals court panel or the Supreme Court.

One guest, co-host of The Cycle Ari Melber, played the “legitimacy of the court” card, hardly an uncommon practice when liberals feel they are on the short end of the judicial stick. He argued that Chief Justice John Roberts – the swing vote in upholding the ObamaCare individual mandate as a “tax” – would never let this happen:

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