Chuck Todd: Wanting to Stop Shootings a ‘Problem on the Republican Side of the Aisle’

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 18, 2021
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The liberal hackery was strong on NBC’s Sunday Today as political director Chuck Todd claimed that the debate on how to stop gun violence in America was not a discussion on the method, but a refusal by Republicans to want to stop the killing of innocent people at all. His ridiculous smear came a few days after multiple people were killed at an Indiana FedEx facility by a 19-year-old who was known to the FBI and had a shotgun confiscated from him previously.

Ignoring the fact that the state’s red flag law had failed to keep the troubled teen from purchased two rifles last year, despite the FBI monitoring him, host Willie Geist lamented to Todd about how President Biden was relying on Congress to pass legislation.

“We heard Joe Biden is trying to get Congress to do something. How many times have we heard that before,” he complained, seeming preferring for Biden to do away with the Second Amendment via executive order. “Does anything change with this president? Is there any room for growth? Is there any room for movement on the question of gun safety?”


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