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Chuck Todd Suggests Trump and GOP Are out to Empower Vladimir Putin


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Immediately following a break in the marathon grilling of anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok in a joint House committee hearing on Thursday, MSNBC host Chuck Todd kicked off MTP Daily by siding with the former FBI agent and argued that President Trump and the GOP were empowering Russian President Vladimir Putin. And it was more than just baseless speculation, he insinuated it was their intent.

So this is a day that arguably, in the minds of many may, have empowered Vladimir Putin,” Todd openly declared. He then teed himself up to make the argument by rhetorically asking the audience, “Why do we say that?”

It's not just President Trump wreaking havoc at NATO,” Todd opined, “it's also the President’s allies in the House Republicans trying at time-- sometimes looking shameless about it to undermine the investigation into Vladimir Putin's election meddling.” So, according to MSNBC’s self-declared political referee, it’s somehow helpful to Putin to question why a NATO ally was buying natural gas from Russia. And it’s “shameless” to investigate the bias of someone leading an investigation into a political figure.

Despite admitted Strzok was vehemently anti-Trump, Todd bemoaned how “Republicans have raked one of the FBI's top agents, Peter Strzok, over the coals for sending personal anti-Trump text messages during the election as the FBI's Russia investigation was getting underway.


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