Chuck Todd Praises Biden's 'Very Good' UN Speech'

Scott Whitlock | September 21, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Joe Biden hit the low standards that NBC has for the President on Tuesday, politely praising his speech to the United Nations as “normal,” “standard” and “good.” They were clearly doing their best to offer the standard liberal media talking points expected for a Democratic President. However, Richard Engel and Andrea Mitchell also offered some concern and doubt in the wake of the Afghanistan debacle. Normal being his bar, Engel touted, “And this was a much more standard speech.” Later, Chuck Todd promoted, “I thought it was a very good speech. One that should reassure allies.” He then insisted that, in order to get things done internationally, Biden must crush — not the Taliban — but Trumpism: "Part of that is also having that means you successfully pushed back at Trumpism and authoritarianism in this country and then can speak on the world stage in democracy." 

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