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Chuck Todd and Liberal Panel Champion Radical ‘Green New Deal’


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NBC’s Meet the Press and moderator Chuck Todd have taken a radical stance on climate change and they’re proud of it. Late last year Todd boasted about banning “climate deniers” from his show. On Sunday, he and his fellow liberal journalists tried to boost the dangerously radical Green New Deal while avoiding the craziness it proposes.

At the start of the panel discussion, Todd eagerly jumped right into touting some of the idealized goals of the GND:

This week, here's a bullet points of the Green New Deal. I want to put it up here. Achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, upgrade all existing buildings, overhaul transportation systems, guarantee a job for every American. It's a resolution, not a bill.

Of course, Todd twisted the facts and utterly failed to mention the ludicrous details of the GND. He didn’t even fact-check Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the GND’s author when she was lying to his face.


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