Christie: Biden 'Capitulating' to Radical Dems Like He Did for the Taliban

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 3, 2021
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In a fiery exchange during Sunday’s This Week on ABC, former Republican Governor Chris Christie took on the liberal panel single-handedly as he called out President Biden for “capitulating” to the radical elements of his party just as he did the Taliban. And his bluntness left the host stammering and largely ineffective at quelling the shouting that ensued.

Leading up to his comments, Christie was asked by fill-in host Jonathan Karl to address how Republicans were able to take it easy while Democrats were taking swings at each other over infrastructure and social spending legislation.

“I had a political science professor in college who told me, ‘When your adversary is in the midst of committing suicide, there's no reason to commit murder. The result is the same,’” he quipped.

From there, he followed up with the spark that kicked off the fireworks, saying that the moderate Biden the media pitched us didn’t exist.


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