Chris Silent on Journalistic Malpractice in Helping Bro, Spews Hypocrisy

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 29, 2021
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CNN went ahead and allowed Prime Time host Chris Cuomo to do his show Monday night under a darkening cloud of mistrust and scandal. The cause? New evidence released by the New York attorney general’s office exposed how intertwined Chris was with the executive office of his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as he faced multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. And while he ignored the revelations, Chris had the nerve to scold others for similar transgressions.

At the top of his show, where one would expect him to address the scandal, he ignored it and instead chose to wish a “Happy Hanukah to my Jewish brothers and sisters. Enjoy night two of the festival of lights.”

“And I hope Thanksgiving was a reminder for everybody of the good people and the good things in your life. Lord knows we could use the help, right,” he added, possibly hinting at himself.


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