Chris Matthews, Guest Mangle Boko Haram Issue Into Racial Jab at GOP

Matthew Balan | May 10, 2014
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Chris Matthews mocked Republicans on the 9 May 2014 edition of Hardball over their hawkish stance on dealing with Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamist group that recently kidnapped hundreds of girls. Matthews made a thinly-veiled racial attack on the GOP during a panel discussion on the terrorist organization: "By the way, when did the Republican Party take this keen interest in Africa? I may have missed that one."

Guest Michelle Bernard, who is of Jamaican decent, quickly followed the MSNBC host with a more overt racially-based jab at Republicans:

MICHELLE BERNARD, BERNARD CTR. FOR WOMEN: I was about to say. It was very nice to see all these – all these conservatives – you know, beating the battle drum for justice for people who look like me.

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