Charles Krauthammer, George Will Slam Obama for Calling Murdered Christians ‘Egyptian Citizens’


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<p>On Monday night, the panelists on the Fox News Channel (FNC) show <em>Special Report </em>excoriated the Obama administration for saying in a statement that the Coptic Christian men from Egyptian beheaded by ISIS in a video along the Libyan coast were <strong>&ldquo;Egyptian citizens&rdquo; </strong>and labeling Islamic State fights as merely<strong> &ldquo;ISIL-affiliated terrorists&rdquo; </strong>instead of further identifying them as Muslims or Islamic extremists.</p>

<p>Fox News contributors George Will, Charles Lane, and Charles Krauthammer took turns criticizing the administration for being<strong> &ldquo;burlesque,&rdquo; </strong>and <strong>&ldquo;truly pathological in its inability to actually state what&#39;s going on&rdquo; </strong>in its wording and refusing to diagnose the expanding global threat of the terrorist group. Will even joked that bets will be taken <strong>&ldquo;as to when the first time they will actually identify an orange is an orange.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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