CBS’s King Helps Clinton Tout Voter Suppression as More Dangerous Than Biden’s Afghan Blunder

Scott Whitlock | September 10, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King on Friday offered a disgusting assist to Hillary Clinton, aiding the Democrat’s partisan attempt to deflect blame from Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. At one point, the 2016 presidential nominee tried to insist voter suppression was the real threat. King started with a relatively mild, and obvious, question about the President’s handling: “I think a lot of Americans are concerned about a threat risk here in the United States because of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Do you share those concerns?” Clinton pivoted, sliming: “Actually, I am more concerned about internal threats. We always have to be aware of, and protect against, external threats.... But I think every American regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum should be as worried if not more right now about when we're doing to ourselves.” Yet, Clinton saw Republican voter suppression to be a bigger threat than the impact of Biden's Afghanistan policy: "If we are going to continue to hate each other, scapegoat each other, try to undermine each other, go after our institutions, our voting system..."