CBS’s Jiang Parrots Unnamed Dem Calling Trump ‘Insane and Criminal’


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CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang was on a crusade to take down President Trump and politicize the coronavirus crisis in the process. As NewsBusters as documented over recent weeks, she has been out of control: getting into repeated shouting matches with the President, decry his messages of hope, and directly claimed blood was on his hands. She flaunted her animus again on Monday when she parroted words from an unnamed Democratic aide who said Trump was “insane and criminal.”

Teed up by CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell to talk about Democratic governors asking Vice President Mike Pence to control unemployed protesters, Jiang touted how one anonymous Democrat lashed out.

“Well Norah, they are still begging the White House to help them get testing supplies. And one senior official who works for a Democratic governor, who listened in on that call, said it is ‘insane and criminal’ the administration is not doing more to help,” she enthusiastically reported. “But tonight, once again, the President said the burden is on the states.”

Continuing to ignore administration progress on getting private companies to convert their facilities to produce personal protective equipment for health care workers and ventilators for virus patients, Jiang portrayed Trump’s response to the virus as a mess.


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