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CBS’s Garrett: Obama White House ‘Demonized’ Fox, Rest of Press Didn’t Care


[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS journalist Major Garrett on Friday pointedly declared that Donald Trump wasn’t the first president to battle with a journalistic outlet. He highlighted how the Obama administration “demonized” Fox News and went to “war” with the outlet, his previous employer. Garrett also noted that journalists didn’t seem to care back then: “I will tell you, back at that time, I didn’t feel the collaborative and collegial sense of we’re all in this together.” Appearing The Hill’s online show Rising With Krystal & Buck, Garrett recounted how the Democrat tried to delegitimize Fox News: “The White House said it was at war with Fox News. I was its most visible editorial representative on the White House grounds as the senior White House correspondent for Fox.” 

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