CBS’s Colbert Screeches Lies About ‘Anti-Knowledge’ Youngkin Banning ‘History Class’

Curtis Houck | January 18, 2022
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Prior to his three-segment tongue bath to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), CBS’s Late Show and host Stephen Colbert lied repeatedly about Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA), claiming he’s implementing an “anti-knowledge agenda” based on banning “history class” and discussion of racism or slavery. Instead, they claimed he’d replace history statewide with “American history that doesn't make you feel bad.”

The show led with a cold open in the form of a soundbite from Saturday’s American Voices on MSNBC with host Alicia Menendez insisting Youngkin’s anti-critical race theory views are part of movement that’s called for “the banning of books, fiction and nonfiction, that delve into issues of race and so much more.”

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