CBS Waves Goodbye to Biden Docs Scandal to Screech About Gosar, MTG Being on Committees

Curtis Houck | January 18, 2023
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Wednesday’s CBS Mornings was the first broadcast network flagship morning or evening show to bid farewell to President Biden’s classified documents scandal with zero formal coverage (aside from a tag in the show’s Eye Opener from two late-night comedy shows). Instead, their political segment huffed about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) restoring two House Republicans to committees after they were stripped by Democrats when the latter had a majority.

To further underline their concern with the implicit takeaway that non-Democrats are dangerous, the segment came after a lengthy segment huffing about the charges against a deranged former New Mexico Republican state House candidate (who, in a fact few in the press care to note, has a long rapt sheet) who shot at the homes of several local Democrats.