CBS Underreports Israeli Casualties from Hamas Rockets, Decries Airstrikes

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 11, 2021
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In her Tuesday report for CBS Evening News, correspondent Elizabeth Palmer doubled down on her support for Hamas terrorists by under-reporting Israeli casualties from their rocket attacks and decrying Israeli retaliatory strikes on terrorist installations. In stark contrast, ABC’s Matt Gutman noted the lengths Israel was going through to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza despite Hamas using them as human shields.

While Palmer did report that “rockets fired from Gaza lit up the sky over Tel Aviv” where “one woman was killed in the attack.” She failed to mention how rockets had evaded the Iron Dome and rained down residential buildings in the Israeli border town of Ashkelon, killing two women and wounding almost two dozen throughout the country.

Instead, Palmer lamented that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Hamas and Islamic Jihad would pay a heavy price. The Palestinian citizens of Gaza have already paid a heavy price.”