CBS Turns to Top Catholic Bishop on ObamaCare Mandate Scandal

Matthew Balan | February 9, 2012
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After almost three weeks, CBS finally brought on a member of the Catholic hierarchy on the 9 February 2012 edition of CBS This Morning to discuss the Obama administration health care mandate that forces Catholic institutions, like hospitals and colleges, to violate their consciences and pay for abortion-inducing drugs and contraception.

Anchor Charlie Rose asked Cardinal-Designate Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholics Bishops, "You have had a number of conversations with the President since he has been president've been to the Oval Office. He called you to tell you about this rule. What did you say when you heard him say it?"

After summarizing his past contacts with the chief executive, Dolan replied that he "shared with him my consternation. I said, sir, I was so bolstered by your assurances- the same assurances you gave at Notre Dame in your address, the same assurances you gave earlier to the Catholic Health Association- what has happened? Why would you back down from that?...It kind of left very unhappy."

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