CBS Tries to Minimize Biden Business Scandal With Late-Night Comedian


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On Thursday, the same day that saw further revelations in the Hunter Biden/Chinese business scandal showed active discussions to “get Joe [Biden] involved” with the shady deal, CBS News tried to downplay the exploding scandal by having comedian Stephen Colbert ask him about it for The Late Show. Of course, they lauded the President-elect for believing in his son and skipped over the FBI investigation into alleged money laundering.

Tonight, President-Elect Biden is defending his son Hunter amid an investigation into the younger Biden's taxes,” announced CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell, sprinting past the fact federal investigators were digging into his dubious ties to Chinese businessmen.

The part she was excited for was Biden standing up for his son and proclaiming the dishonorably-discharged Hunter was “the smartest man” he knew.


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