CBS Throws Softballs to Gun-Grabbing Governor, Talks Up as Hillary VP

Scott Whitlock | May 23, 2016
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Gun-grabbing Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper enjoyed softball questions on Monday as the co-hosts of CBS This Morning uncritically hyped his gun control moves in the state and talked him up as a potential vice president to Hillary Clinton. Attempting to spin Hickenlooper as a moderate, Charlie Rose touted, “What's the difficulty in explaining, on the one hand, that certain kinds of guns you don't want people to be able to get, you want certain procedures and at the same time saying you do not want to do away with the Second Amendment?” Notice the assumption that the Democrat isn’t an enemy of the Second Amendment. In fact, the NRA gave its worst grade, an F, to the governor. That fact was not mentioned by the co-hosts. Instead, Rose stated, “You do not want to do away with guns.”