CBS Teams Up With Parkland Group to Whine About No Gun Control

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 5, 2019
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CBS Evening News used its B-block on Monday to speak with members of March for Our Lives, the radically anti-gun group that was founded by high school students after the shooting in Parkland, Florida. Together, the students and CBS reporter Adriana Diaz whined about the lack of progress on their efforts to push gun control.

Floundering anchor Norah O’Donnell began the segment by touting how “the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida sparked some of the largest youth-led protests since the Vietnam War. Young survivors changed America's gun debate, but in a conversation today with Adriana Diaz, they say real change has yet to come.”

Diaz began by introducing the audience to Delaney Tarr, who she noted was a “Parkland survivor turned social activist.” After Diaz reported that Tarr “helped start March for Our Lives, the national movement against gun violence that grew out of last year’s school massacre,” she erroneously declared that “566 mass shootings” have occurred since the group was founded.

That statistic was an absolute lie. By no reliable and/or reasonable measure have there been that many mass shootings. It was a statistic cooked up by anti-gun special interest groups trying to scare people into banning guns. If that number were true, then CBS News would be failing to do their jobs because they’ve only reported on a fraction of a fraction of them.


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