CBS: Sure the Economy May Stink, But Cheap Croissants and Espresso in Europe!

Scott Whitlock | July 25, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Monday morning saw the news that the Biden administration is trying to change the definition of a “recession.” It seems as though CBS Mornings on Monday got a jump on the official government talking points. Reporter Ramy Inocencio focused on the upside to the inflation, high gas prices and struggling economy: Cheap gelatos, croissants and espressos over in Europe. Yes, really. That’s what the liberal press has been reduced to. Inocencio cheered just how far an American dollar now gets you vs. the euro: “The euro hasn't been this weak against the U.S. dollar in two decades. Now $1 just about equals one euro. Which means in Paris your morning croissant and espresso for €3.50 would cost you $3.50.”