CBS Spotlights Plight of Iraqi Christians Under Threat from ISIS; ‘Their Way of Life Is Disappearing’


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<p>Tuesday&rsquo;s <em>CBS Evening News </em>provided viewers with a rare look at an issue that&rsquo;s often been ignored by the media in its coverage of ISIS gaining ground in the Middle East: Christians facing persecution.</p>

<p>Fill-in anchor Charlie Rose set the scene by stating the obvious that <strong>&ldquo;Iraq today is a fractured nation&rdquo; </strong>with <strong>&ldquo;[m]uch of the north&rdquo; </strong>now <strong>&ldquo;controlled by ISIS.&rdquo; </strong>Rose then tossed to foreign correspondent Charlie D&rsquo;Agata to report on <strong>&ldquo;a town where people fear their way of life is disappearing.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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