CBS Spends Segment Blasting Trump, Insisting He's Not Hygienic

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 9, 2020
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Despite the fact that President Trump was a self-proclaimed germophobe and his hygiene habits had been the target of liberal media ridicule, CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid spent part of her Monday segment on CBS Evening News insisting the President was being far from hygienic during the coronavirus (COVID-19 or Wuhan Virus) outbreak. On top of that, they again whined about him not canceling his campaign rallies.

After claiming Trump “refused to take questions” from the press (he was several yards away and appeared to be walking to the West Wing while speaking to staff, and was giving a press conference during the report), Reid decried how he was continuing “to downplay the global epidemic, accusing Democrats and the media of trying to inflame coronavirus situation.”

What she was referring too was Trump sharing statics showing that the flu season was much worse than the coronavirus outbreak, something even health professionals had admitted.

That was followed by a snide comment about how Trump was supposedly “publicly defying government recommendations on hygiene.” As she said that, a video of Trump shaking hands with supporters flashed on the screen. It was followed up with a soundbite of immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci speaking about the importance of washing your hands. The obvious implication was that Trump doesn’t do that.


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