CBS Skips Skyrocketing Stocks, NBC Allows Trump ‘Some’ Credit

Scott Whitlock | August 3, 2017
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Despite two hours of air time, CBS This Morning on Thursday ignored the stock market soaring above 22,000. Over on NBC’s Today, the journalists allowed Donald Trump “some” credit for the rise, but cautioned not to give too much. ABC’s Good Morning America mentioned the surge in a news brief.  On This Morning, the network devoted no stories to the financial news and the topic only came up when Republican Senator Tim Scott mentioned it. Instead, CBS focused on less important subjects, such as offering five and a half minutes to the music of film composer Hans Zimmer.

On NBC’s Today, Stephanie Ruhle informed, “There is some level of a Trump trade. People say that there's not, but when President Trump was elected, he said, ‘I'm a pro business guy. We are going to have deregulation, infrastructure spending.’” She added, “That excited people.”

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