CBS SHOCKED Border Mayor Agrees With DeSantis, ‘Conservatives’ on Illegal Covid Threat

Scott Whitlock | August 10, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS deserves credit sometimes for doing real journalism, even in the network’s reporters are shocked at what they find out. On Tuesday, CBS This Morning reporter Mireya Villarreal looked at the threat of Covid crossing the border in the form of illegals entering into Texas. She deemed it an issue that has “caught the attention of conservatives,” such as Ron DeSantis.  But when Villarreal talked to a border mayor, she seemed almost stunned to find out that he agrees with GOP governors raising alarm about the threat. Villarreal went to McAllen, Texas and a tent town where Border Patrol processes illegals. As she eventually noted in the segment, Covid-positive individuals aren’t detained. The journalist conceded, “Across the entire southwest border, 210,000 migrant apprehensions were reported for July, a 21 year high.” She added that this disaster has “caught the attention of conservative leaders across the country.”

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