CBS: Sexual Abuse Aside, ‘Many’ Think Cuomo Handled Covid ‘Masterfully’

Scott Whitlock | August 11, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Aside from the sexual abuse allegations, “many” think Andrew Cuomo handled issues like Covid “masterfully.” That was the totally out-of-touch claim from CBS This Morning journalist Ed O’Keefe on Wednesday as he tried to spin the legacy of the disgraced governor. O’Keefe, of course, made no mention of the Democrat’s disastrous decision to kill thousands by placing Covid-positive patients into nursing homes. After guest co-host Dana Jacobson wondered how “people will remember” Cuomo’s three terms in office, the tone deaf O’Keefe insisted, “There were a lot of things. Obviously the pandemic. You talk to people in Albany or across the state they say he did a masterful job keeping the state safe and dealing with the situation and serving as a tonic to many people compared to the federal response. Especially in those early weeks and months.” 

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