CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’ Is Back, Bringing Tropical Cyclones with Her


<p>Jay: This draft looks solid. Remember, any adjustment to the rotation schedule has to meet the definition of minimum credible deterrence, so make sure we include language saying that the Bahrainis have to consult with the Secretary of the Navy before closing any facilities.</p>

<p>DOD Agent: Got it.</p>

<p>Jay: Other than that, we&#39;re good to go. I guess I&#39;ll see you next storm of the century.</p>

<p>DOD Agent: Yeah, which will be in what, about three years?</p>

<p>Jay: Let&#39;s hope not.</p>

<p>DOD Agent: Sure, let&#39;s hope. That ought to work. I&#39;m sorry. It&#39;s a bug up my ass. Just four years ago, the base in Singapore was hit with a similar once in a lifetime storm. Billions of dollars in damage. These weather events are happening every year. And all our internal reports are falling on deaf ears. Sea levels are rising. And what we should be doing is raising every single U.S. Naval base around the world. But we both know that&#39;ll never happen.</p>

<p>Jay: How do we know that?</p>

<p>DOD Agent: Ask your boss.</p>

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