CBS Pushes Retrospective on Obama’s ‘Evolving Anger’ on Gun Control; ‘Finds Little’ ‘Hope & Change’


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<p>Friday&rsquo;s <em>CBS This Morning</em> offered extensive coverage of the deadly shooting on Thursday at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, but one of the segments took a broader, sappy look at pushing gun control through the lens of President Obama&rsquo;s<strong> &ldquo;evolving anger&rdquo;</strong> on the inability to pass gun control measures through Congress where he&rsquo;s found <strong>&ldquo;little&rdquo;</strong> of any <strong>&ldquo;hope and change.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>With his third fawning retrospective on the President in less than a year, chief White House correspondent Major Garrett began by telling viewers that it&rsquo;s simply<strong> &ldquo;impossible to sum up all of President Obama&#39;s intellectual and emotion reactions to what he views as an epidemic of mass gun violence on his watch, but we can start with disbelief, compassion, frustration, and evolving anger.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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