CBS Pushes John Kerry From the Left on Biden's Radical Climate Agenda

Scott Whitlock | July 27, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Eliminating the coal industry? No big deal. CBS This Morning on Tuesday glossed right over objections to the Biden/Kerry radical climate agenda. In an exclusive interview, CBS This Morning’s Roxana Saberi ignored Republican concerns and instead acted as an environmental PR agent. Pushing from the left, she demanded, “How can the U.S. continue to be a world leader on climate change if President Biden won't be able to get the main parts of the agenda passed?” After getting a mixed answer, the journalist demanded, “Will he act outside of Congress?” Saberi alternated between prompting Biden’s special enjoy for climate to do more and softballs“We saw the video of your granddaughter sitting on your lap as you signed the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016. Should they be worried?” The unsubtle CBS graphic for the segment? “CLIMATE CATASTROPHES.”