CBS Promotes Violence and Dismisses 'Nonviolence' for Political Change

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 6, 2024
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While the liberal media have been trying to scare people into voting for President Biden by insisting Republicans were violent, anti-American terrorists looking to destroy democracy, CBS Mornings proved once again that politically motivated violence was (D)ifferent when it was coming from the left. In hyping a book about “black resistance,” the network elevated a far-left author; and together they tried to dismiss nonviolence as a way to get political change in a country.

They were speaking with Professor Kellie Carter Jackson of Wellesley College about her new book We Refuse: A Forceful History of Black Resistance. Co-anchor Gayle King boasted that the book was “about hard conversations, not focused on right or wrong,” but “what works” in terms of getting results for an agenda.

Carter Jackson admitted that she “wrote this book because [she] was mad” and “frustrated” that the Black Lives Matter riots were

n’t “achieving the purpose that people had set out to accomplish when they wanted to reckon with all of this racial injustice.”


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