CBS Promotes Bipartisan Moms Against Guns, They’re Lib Activists

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 21, 2023
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NewsBusters has been on CBS Mornings’ case as they go full bore against gun rights and poison the discourse with dubious polls, questionable studies, and disinformation. On Friday, they promoted the new anti-gun group Lives on the Line with correspondent Adriana Diaz suggesting they’re “stretching across district, state, and party lines demanding an end to gun violence.” But a delve into the history of the moms they highlighted revealed they’re either long-time liberals or don’t have a strong political history.

“The mothers chose to protest yesterday because it is 24 years as of yesterday since Columbine,” Diaz noted at the top of her report, failing to mention that the Columbine shooting occurred DURING the national assault weapons ban.

With Diaz misidentifying all but one of the women (Sara Ennis, Anna Simpson, Annie Noll, and Eileen Knoblauch), she touted their ridiculous suggestion that “if they don’t speak up, they're part of the problem.”


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