CBS Plays Softball with Bill Clinton on Global Initiative, Hillary

Matthew Balan | September 24, 2013
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From 24 September 2013 edition of CBS This Morning:

CHARLIE ROSE: Do you think she'd [Hillary Clinton would] rather be – today – she can do both – president or grandmother? (Bill Clinton laughs)

NORAH O'DONNELL: She [Hillary Clinton] said you guys are spending a lot more time together. And I think she recently said you guys are watching movies together and taking long walks-


O'DONNELL: And so, how is life different now?

CLINTON: She's always trying to improve me. So, I'm having to get used to being improved more regularly.

O'DONNELL: (laughs) Specific-

ROSE: Speaking – go ahead.

O'DONNELL: I was going to say, how is she trying to improve you?

CLINTON: Well, you know, she's just on me all the time to, sort of, tone up my exercise program, or do this or do that. (O'Donnell laughs)

O'DONNELL: This is a sprawling philanthropic organization, and you have helped hundreds of millions of people. However, as you know, there have been reports about financial mismanagement, infighting-

CLINTON: Which have been clearly disproved, I might add.

O'DONNELL: No deficits?

CLINTON: No! There was never a deficit.

O'DONNELL: And the reports that Chelsea was coming in to clean things up. (O'Donnell laughs)

CLINTON: No. Chelsea came in – first of all, Chelsea's been working around the foundation for two or three years now

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