CBS Obfuscates Dems Scheme to Pack SCOTUS, ABC Downplays Controversy

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 15, 2021
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In a pathetic announcement in front of the Supreme Court Thursday, a gathering of radical Democrats from the House and Senate announced a bill that would pack the court with four liberal justices in an attempt to undo the conservative majority on the highest bench. It was a sleazy plot that would undo over 150 years of precedent, but it apparently didn’t rise to the level of newsworthy for CBS Evening News, since they gave it ZERO airtime that evening.

Meanwhile, over on ABC’s World News Tonight, the Democratic Party’s attack on our democracy only garnered 24 seconds from the normally sensationalist, anchor David Muir. “Earlier today, some Congressional Democrats introduced a bill to add four more justices of the high court, accusing Republicans of, quote, ‘stealing’ seats to build a conservative majority,” he reported.

At a press conference today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she wouldn’t bring it up for a vote just yet but supported President Biden’s commission looking at the idea. But Muir decided to lie about that. “But tonight, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying she won't support it, saying she won't bring that bill to expand the court to the floor, saying the President's infrastructure bill is her priority,” he claimed.

But there was a rather surprising tone to the reporting from the third and final of the big three broadcasters, NBC Nightly News.