CBS, NBC Silent on Parents Pushing Back Against Their 'Domestic Terrorism' Smear

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 6, 2021
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Last week, both CBS Evening News and NBC’s Today show peddled a smear against concerned parents protesting and rallying against their local school boards, parroting comments from the National School Boards Association attacking them as taking part in “domestic terrorism.” Now with the Biden Justice Department sicking the FBI’s anti-terrorism assets on American parents, those networks didn’t want to share how the parents they besmirched were fighting back.

Well tonight, the National School Board[s] Association is taking extraordinary action, sending an SOS to the White House and law enforcement. Members have been berated at meeting and threatened online over COVID safety protocols,” announced anchor Norah O’Donnell on CBS Evening News on September 30, ignoring their outrage at the poison of critical race theory being utilized in schools.

CBS Homeland Security correspondent Jeff Pegues tried to get viewers to buy into the false notion that angry parents were somehow plotting terrorist attacks. “School board officials calling for help tonight,” he declared.


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