CBS, NBC Fawn Over Chelsea Clinton 'Already Making Her Own Mark On History'

Matthew Balan | July 29, 2016
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[More in the cross-post on the MRC's NewsBusters blog.]

CBS and NBC's evening newscasts on 28 July 2016 hyped Chelsea Clinton's planned speech introducing her mother, Hillary Clinton, at the Democratic National Convention. CBS's Vinitia Nair played up that Clinton "uses her mother's smarts and her father's flare." After labeling the younger Clinton "one of the campaign's most valuable assets," Nair trumpeted that "the girl named after a Joni Mitchell song, 'Chelsea Morning,' will finally have her night." NBC's Kristen Welker also touted the presidential daughter's "strong presence on the trail," and later claimed that Clinton is "already making her own mark on history."

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