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CBS, NBC Boost Kaepernick Claim Betsy Ross Flag Is Racist Symbolism


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Shoemaker Nike once again showed their disdain for America this week after pulling a new Fourth of July themed shoe sporting the Betsy Ross flag, because failed NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick thought it was racist and a symbol of slavery.

To any student of history, or anyone who ever took an American history class, the idea that the American flag with 13 stars was a symbol of racism and slavery was nonsense. But CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News bought into the accusation without even a second thought and even pushed the lunacy.

CBS correspondent Meg Oliver pulled out all the stops to help convince viewers of Kaepernick’s argument. “Nike set off a firestorm after pulling their shoes emblazoned with the Betsy Ross flag, an early version of the American flag with 13 stars and stripes used in the 1700s, before slavery was abolished,” she reported.

Adding: “Former NFL star Colin Kaepernick is the face of Nike's ‘Just do it’ campaign. He reportedly complained to Nike the flag is an offensive symbol of slavery.


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