CBS, NBC Bash Giuliani for Comments Critical of Obama; ‘War of Words’ Taken ‘to Another Level’


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<p>In covering President Obama&rsquo;s refusal to refer to terrorism as Islamic extremism, CBS and NBC devoted portions of their reports on Thursday night to comments Rudy Giuliani made the day before with NBC reserving a majority of their airtime to attacking the former New York City Mayor for having <strong>&ldquo;set off a war of words&rdquo;</strong> and taking presidential criticism<strong> &ldquo;to another level.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p><em>NBC Nightly News </em>interim anchor Lester Holt scolded Giuliani before correspondent Andrea Mitchell&rsquo;s report by declaring that he set off<strong> &ldquo;a firestorm&rdquo;</strong> over telling an audience that <strong>&ldquo;I do not believe that the President loves America&rdquo; </strong>and suggested that Giuliani went too far.</p>

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