CBS: National Anthem ‘Not My Favorite,’ Mavs Cancelled Song to ‘Raise Awareness’

Scott Whitlock | February 11, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS This Morning co-hosts on Thursday seemed baffled at the controversy enveloping the Dallas Mavericks as the basketball team first canceled playing the national anthem and then was forced to reinstate it by the NBA. Co-host Gayle King marveled, “I appreciate the efforts to try to raise the conversation and see bring awareness to what many believe is still injustice in this country.” She added, “I think [team owner Mark Cuban] was trying to shed a light on that. Now it's become a polarizing thing.” Yes, censoring the national anthem is “polarizing.” If you’re not a liberal news journalist in New York, you might be able to understand how the rest of the country might not like the attempted removal. Co-host Anthony Mason admitted the Star-Spangled Banner is “not my favorite song.” 

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