'CBS This Morning' Anchors Fawn Over 'Special' Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show'


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<p>On 22 November 2016, <em>CBS This Morning</em> anchors Charlie Rose, along with Gayle King and Norah O&#39;Donnell, marveled over the show&#39;s &quot;extraordinary collection&quot; of comedians:</p>

<p class="rteindent1">JON STEWART (from pre-recorded interview): There&#39;s a difference between satisfaction and joy. This gave me great satisfaction&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">CHARLIE ROSE: But?</p>

<p class="rteindent1">STEWART: And it gave me great confidence. But joy &mdash; joy &mdash; driving a couple of knucklehead kids home from school that I get to sit and listen&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">ROSE: That&#39;s joy&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">STEWART: Joy.</p>

<p class="rteindent1">GAYLE KING (live): God, that&#39;s so beautifully said!</p>

<p class="rteindent1">NORAH O&#39;DONNELL: Oh, I know!</p>

<p class="rteindent1">KING: The difference between &mdash; there is a difference between satisfaction and joy. I just love him!</p>

<p class="rteindent1">O&#39;DONNELL: Yeah&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">KING: You &mdash; you really feel his &mdash; his absence, Charlie, during these times, don&#39;t you?</p>

<p class="rteindent1">ROSE: Oh, yeah &mdash; indeed &mdash; yes. I mean, there was no &mdash; there was nothing quite like him. A lot of people did it very well&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">KING: Yeah&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">ROSE: And we see them and we show their work here during the political year&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">KING: Yeah&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">ROSE: But Jon had a special place.</p>

<p class="rteindent1">KING: He did. That &#39;catch and release&#39; &mdash; I forgot, though: it&#39;s no fun when you&#39;re on the other side of &#39;catch and release,&#39; but it sure is fun to watch.</p>

<p class="rteindent1">ROSE: But what&#39;s also amazing about &#39;The Daily Show&#39; is they assembled such an extraordinary collection&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">O&#39;DONNELL: Like Steve Carell!</p>

<p class="rteindent1">ROSE: Steven Carell and Stephen Colbert&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">KING: Stephen Colbert&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">ROSE: And so many others &mdash; John Oliver &mdash; so many others&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">O&#39;DONNELL: Samantha Bee&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">KING: Samantha Bee&mdash;</p>

<p class="rteindent1">ROSE: Samantha Bee &mdash; especially Samantha Bee. You can see my full conversation with Jon Stewart tonight on my PBS program.</p>

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