CBS Moans Oppressed Citizens Got China’s Zero-COVID Policy Lifted

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 29, 2022
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Finally, CBS has found civil unrest they don’t like. During Thursday’s CBS Mornings, the network moaned about the Chinese citizens that took to the streets a few months ago to protest the communist regime’s zero-COVID policy. Despite the fact the policy saw people get welded into their homes and literally dragged kicking and screaming to fates unknown, the network huffed that COVID was now exploding “like a volcano.”

“The dramatic spread of COVID-19 in China is pushing the U.S. to introduce new rules for travelers coming from that country,” announced fill-in anchor Adriana Diaz teed up the segment. “Starting one week from today, anyone leaving China for the U.S. will have to test negative for COVID before getting on a plane.”

Normally obsessed with January 6, correspondent Scott MacFarlane was the correspondent tasked with decrying the people protesting their oppressors, blaming their quest for freedom for why COVID was on the rise.


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