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CBS Laughably Insists No Partisanship in Pelosi’s ‘Profile in Courage’ Award


[See NewsBusters for more.] Try not to laugh, but the Kennedy family giving a Profile in Courage award to Nancy Pelosi isn’t a partisan move. That’s the claim CBS Sunday Morning wants viewers to buy. Host Jane Pauley and reporter Martha Teichner previewed the 2019 award with Pauley haughtily insisting, “For 30 years, the Profile in Courage Award has been leading the way, honoring people for taking the high road.” Teichner touted the prize as the epitome of honor over politics: “Every year the Profile in Courage award has been given for an act or lifetime of political courage, party not an issue.” Now, while it’s true that Republicans such as George H.W. Bush and John McCain have been awarded the Profile in Courage, Bush’s was for raising taxes and McCain’s for pushing campaign finance reform. 

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