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On CBS, Journalists Gush Over ‘Steady’ Pelosi: ‘The Adult in the Room’


[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS This Morning on Monday offered a gushing interview to fellow reporters from Politico about the players in Capitol Hill. While Donald Trump is in step of “chaos,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the “steady” hand and the “adult in the room. Politico correspondent Anna Palmer spun the President as having “reverence and respect” for the Congressional Democrat. She marveled, “Clearly Pelosi is the steady hand in Washington. She is the person who has the most power and control and is going to be the adult in the room.” Describing how Trump views the House Speaker, Palmer appeared memorized: “One of the thing’s that very interesting is the reverence and respect that the President gives Nancy Pelosi. It is unlike any other member or figure when we talked to him and st down with him.” 

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