CBS Insinuates Christians ‘Promote the Kind of Violence’ in Orlando


<p>During their Tuesday night broadcast of <em>Evening News</em> CBS directed the blame for the Orlando terrorist attack towards American Christians, even though it was carried out by a pledged member of the Islamic State. To ease into the Christian bashing host Scott Pelley stated, &ldquo;There has been so much progress for the LGBT Community, but we are now reminded that fear is still a constant reality.&rdquo;</p>

<p>As the center piece of her report CBS&rsquo;s Mireya Villarreal brought on Lorri Jean the CEO of the LGBT Center in Los Angeles. In the report Villarreal showed Jean letting loose on her political opponents:</p>

<p><strong>Politicians who slander LGBT people, who say we should be driven out of public life, that we&#39;re not fit to raise children, that we are a threat to the moral fabric of our society-- that kind of rhetoric promotes kind of violence that happened yesterday.</strong></p>

<p>Villarreal followed up Jean by showing her own evidence, &ldquo;<strong>The hate has been perpetuated through social media with tweets and videos like this one posted by a Christian pastor in California.</strong>&rdquo; A video played of Baptist pastor <a href="… Jimenez</a> of Sacramento saying Orlando is now safer and, &ldquo;<strong>The tragedy is that more of them didn&#39;t die.</strong>&rdquo;&nbsp;</p>

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