CBS Hypes A Measly 'Half Dozen' Officials Resigning Over Gaza War

Alex Christy | June 4, 2024
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The Tuesday edition of CBS Mornings rolled out an old-fashioned appeal to identity fallacy as correspondent Jim Axelrod interviewed former Army Maj. Harrison Mann so that the latter could use his Jewish identity to smear Israel as intentionally targeting civilians and waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Meanwhile, Axelord himself would hype a measly “more than a half dozen government officials” who have resigned in protest.

Axelrod began his report with a voiceover, “When the reports started to filter in about a Hamas attack of Israel on October 7, former Army Major Harrison Mann knew what to expect.”

Mann was then shown in the interview, explaining it was “All hands on deck. People working late hours, you know, 24/7 at the outset,” but according to Axelrod, “What was unexpected for him was Israel's response.”

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