CBS Hits ‘Below the Belt’ Attacks Two Days After Cheering ‘Standout’ Comic

Scott Whitlock | April 30, 2018
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[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS was for the vulgar White House Correspondents Dinner before the network was against it. On Saturday, CBS This Morning journalist Jamie Wax praised the “standout” comedian Michelle Wolf, touting her as “singled out for the quality of her comedic craftsmanship.” Two days after Wolf made jokes at the expense of Sarah Sanders's looks, hosts on the same show chided the “below the belt,” “extreme” performance. On Saturday, Wax gushed over the comic, praising her: “Wolf has been consistently singled out for the quality of her comedic craftsmanship. A lot of times you feel like a comedian's doing a five minute act from their talk show or on a variety show. But you really work on crafting that as its own piece.” 

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