CBS Hails 'True Compromise' on Budget; Hypes Opposition From 'Some Conservatives'

Matthew Balan | December 11, 2013
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Nancy Cordes heralded the proposed budget deal from Rep. Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray as a "true compromise" on the 11 December 2013 edition of CBS This Morning, and asserted that "the reason it's so important is that it could bring an end to this terrible cycle, where Congress can't agree on a yearly budget." Cordes also returned to her slanted language about sequestration, stating that the proposal "partially rolls back those deep across-the-board spending cuts."

The correspondent also played up how "the agreement won't win support from some conservatives", and that "there are bound to be some conservatives who don't like it". She didn't use such ideological labeling in reference to opposition from liberals. Instead, Cordes merely noted that "many Senate Democrats...don't think the deal's perfect, but they can live with it."

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