CBS Goes All-in for Jill Biden Showing Americans ‘Hungry’ for Hope, Unlike Trump’s

Curtis Houck | August 19, 2020
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On Tuesday night, CBS was the only broadcast network to offer analysis beyond a brief summation of Dr. Jill Biden’s address to the all-virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention. That said, they didn’t waste it, hailing her remarks as full of “empathy” and “trying to draw a contrast to the Trump family” with Americans “so hungry” for hope and resiliency.

CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell spoke first after Biden concluded (and Joe Biden came out to embrace her), recapping her speech in a Wilmington, Delaware classroom:

[S]he deliver[ed] a personal message of support for her husband, but also trying to tie in that his biography of resilience, loss, kindness is exactly what this country needs. At this time. I want to bring in our panel again and — and John Dickerson. This was a reflection of who Jill Biden really is, that teacher, that warmth, that personal sort of message to, that this is the nice guy, my husband, Joe Biden. 

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