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CBS Frets Over ‘Assault’ on Press, Forgets About Obama’s Attacks on Fox


[See NewsBusters for more.] It appears that journalists at CBS have forgotten how Barack Obama treated the press. On Thursday, This Morning reporters recounted Donald Trump’s latest battle with the media as proof that “freedom of the press is under assault” from the president. Regarding Trump’s verbal battle with Jim Acosta and the White House’s subsequent suspension of his press credentials, Norah O’Donnell wondered, “Is that unprecedented?” The co-host began the discussion by declaring of Wednesday’s press briefing, “…The freedom of the press is under assault. It happened yesterday at the White House.” The administration claims the suspension occurred because Acosta placed his hands on a White House intern as she tried to take the microphone away. CBS’s Major Garrett dismissed, “It doesn't look like that at all. That looks a pretext for an action that the White House possibly had on its mind for some period of time.”

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