CBS Embarrasses Themselves With ‘Fact-Check’: People Want to Live in Baltimore


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During Monday’s CBS Evening News, floundering new anchor Norah O’Donnell touted a report by correspondent Jeff Pegues as a “fact-check” of the President’s claim that Baltimore was a city “no human being would want to live”. A “fact-check” that failed miserably.

Ever since President Trump correctly identified Baltimore, Maryland as a city suffering from decades of terrible Democratic policies and mismanagement, the liberal media have been desperately trying to downplay the city’s rampant crime and rodent problem and spin it as a testament to their policy positions.

To his credit, Pegues reported Congressman Elijah Cumming’s (D) district experienced “more than 4,300 shootings” since 2014. “[T]he third highest in the nation,” he added. Meanwhile, ABC and NBC have ignored Baltimore’s crime epidemic. All three have largely ignored the six people killed and 13 shot in the city over the weekend.

But Pegues posed people wanted to live there because “the district ranks in the 61st percentile on immediate household income and has the second-highest median income among districts that are at least half black.


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